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About the team that brings you the Sentinel Website

richard dean

Richard Dean

Author & Creator of The Sentinel

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Kristen Deem


Kristen is one of the Women of Phantasm who work behind the scenes - their names flying by in the end credits- and, basically, who never get the public attention they deserve for all that they mean to the production family. So, here's a little tribute to them. Kristen Deem, Angus Scrimm.

Kristen has been a Phantasm Phan for decades. She's a bit of an aficionado and best of friends with Angus Scrimm (Tallman). Kristen worked for years in mortuaries and, therefore, was a consultant to the production on all the mortuary scenes. She had the official title of "Script Supervisor" on Phantasm IV, but she was also wardrobe mistress, prop master, shoulder rubber, and much more. Phans owe the very existence of Phantasm IV to Kristen for her creative input and ongoing story notes in the early development of the script. She's just completed edit work on a documentary special about Forrest J. Ackerman and was our prop master for the Women of Phantasm shoot.



Ronald Garrison

Webmaster & Technical Consultant

Ron is the owner of Bad Dog Web Hosting & Design.  His web site & design company currently maintains over 100 websites, he holds 15 industry certifications in the Computer field. 

He with Richard created the original Sentinel site back in 1997.  He has now transformed the old content into this new site. 

Ron is a very active Mason, Knights Templar & Shriner.  To find out more about Ron visit his personal site by clicking here.