This section is devoted to PHANTASM fan activities. Convention reports, fan accounts of their PHANTASM viewing marathons, etc.

PHANTASMania film festival

Our good friend Kristen Deem recently sent along some photos (taken by Ann Morgan) from the PHANTASMania film festival held in Texas on the weekend of March 31, 2000. In the photos found here, we feature PHANTASM creator/writer/director Don Coscarelli and the legendary "Tall Man" Angus Scrimm as they appeared at the festival for the autograph session. As always, many thanks to Kristen for passing these along to us! As a sidenote, if anyone out there has an extra copy of the PHANTASMania program booklet that was available at the festival (or any other PHANTASMania items), I would very much like to purchase it/them or offer copies of THE SENTINEL Phanzine for trade. Thanks!


Rumors are flying fast and furious about new developments with a possible new PHANTASM sequel film, tentatively entitled PHANTASM: 2012. Perhaps the most exciting of these rumors is the possible involvement of THE EVIL DEAD's Bruce ("Ash") Campbell. A recent posting at addressed this very issue and things are sounding rather promising. Also, bear in mind that Brian Keene's highly acclaimed EVIL DEAD/PHANTASM crossover story, "Hell At S-Mart," appears in THE SENTINEL's very own anthology book PHANTASM: FURTHER EXCURSIONS INTO OBLIVION. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not...


"PHANTASMania," a PHANTASM film festival featuring theatrical screenings of the first three films, was held recently at the Alamo Theater in Austin, Texas over the weekend of 3/31-4/2/00.

From all accounts, the event was a smashing success! In attendance were PHANTASM creator Don Coscarelli, Angus Scrimm, Reggie Bannister, Kristen Deem and SENTINEL Phanzine contributors Madison Brents and Shawn Larsen. Hey, how about making "PHANTASMania" a touring event?

Red Planet

redpRichard Dean's original PHANTASM short story, "Red Planet," is currently featured online at Feo Amante's Horror Homepage . Many thanks to Feo!

"Two of our reviewers here at Feo Amante, Mike Oliveri and Brian Keene, have been published in an anthology that no Phan of the PHANTASM movies should be without. PHANTASM: OBLIVION is an underground cult hit sold only on the internet. Published in the last half of 1999, the book is already into its second printing.

Since we already have plenty of reviews by Mike Oliveri, and Brian Keene, let's wet your appetite with a newcomer to the pages of Story Time, Richard Dean. From the pages of the Don Coscarelli authorized Phantasm SF/Horror anthology, PHANTASM: OBLIVION, this is...

Tall Man Pez dispenser

tallman11As I was wandering through eBay - Your Personal Trading Community recently, I came across one of the weirdest (and coolest) PHANTASM collectibles I have ever seen.


The Tall Man Pez dispenser! (see pic) Check the PHANTASM listings periodically on eBay for other cool items!

Giant Earth Rising Wall Mural

I recently received an e-mail from my good buddy Kristen Deem, who passed along this little tidbit which, I imagine, may be of great interest to PHANTASM phans: Edmund's Scientific Company in New Jersey is offering a "Giant Earth Rising Wall Mural" exactly like the one seen on young Mike Pearson's wall in the original PHANTASM. The dimensions are 8' 6" H x 13' 8" W (Stock #CR83-029) and the cost is $74.95. Visit the Edmund's website at Then, click on "Scientifics" and then on "Astronomy." Go to "Posters." It's towards the bottom of the second "page" and you can order it online.


germanPHANTASM: OBLIVION was released on video recently in Germany. Oddly enough, the "OBLIVION" monicker has been dropped from this release, going only by the abbreviated title of PHANTASM IV.

For your viewing pleasure, we have included a scan of the German release's dramatic box art. (Special thanks to Kristen Deem for this info and graphic.)

Hollywood Horror

Angus Scrimm has just completed filming the new feature "Hollywood Horror," directed by Bernt Capra. Of additional interest to PHANTASM phans is the fact that the production designer for "Hollywood Horror" is Naython Williams, who served in the same capacity on PHANTASM: OBLIVION. It is uncertain at this point whether the film will be released theatrically or go straight to video.


pahantasmphanThe original PHANTASM will finally be released on DVD on September 28, 1999 by MGM. This long-awaited release will feature new, never before seen outtakes, a Dolby 5.1 digital soundtrack and much more! Let's hope MGM gives PHANTASM: OBLIVION the same treatment!

Is there a DVD release of the original PHANTASM film looming upon the horizon? According to a newsgroup posting from Mr. Don May, Jr. (president of Synapse Films), Don Coscarelli is in negotiations with MGM regarding the DVD and the studio is going ahead with its plans for the disc. The DVD would feature even more previously unseen footage from the original classic!

Issue #10 of THE SENTINEL

In our interview with Don Coscarelli in the forthcoming issue #10 of THE SENTINEL, Don hinted strongly at the potential for this DVD. Now more than ever it seems as though this potential may be realized in the near future! (Thanks to Jon Kitley for this info!)

Ray Courts Hollywood Collectors Show

SENTINEL publisher Richard Dean and SENTINEL #3 cover artist Jimmy Blondet will be wandering aimlessly at the Ray Courts Hollywood Collectors Show on Saturday, May 15th, 1999 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel O'Hare, 6600 North Mannheim Road, Rosemont, Illinois 60018

Scheduled to appear at this show are Traci Lords (BLADE), Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter (INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS) and Robert Vaughn (BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS), among others.

Stop by and say "hi" to Rick and Jimmy. Just look for the big scary guy wearing a SENTINEL t-shirt waiting in line for Traci's autograph!

Recently received from our good friend Rob Long

Phantasm_poster_adReg_CDHere are a couple of items recently received from our good friend Rob Long

A CD review of Reggie Bannister's "Fool's Paradise"

Information about the official "20th Anniversary of PHANTASM" poster created by Rob. Check it out!

Issue #181 of Fangoria magazine

A previously unpublished piece of PHANTASM artwork by mega-artist Justin Zaharczuk (cover artist for SENTINEL #8 and #9) can be found on page 7 of issue #181 of Fangoria magazine. It's an amazing piece depicting a visage of the Tall Man looming over a shadowy hearse. Way cool!

Also, keep an eye out for upcoming issues of the UK publication SHIVERS, which, in the near future, will be featuring additional works by Justin. Finally, the "Nightmare Gallery" here at THE SENTINEL site will soon be featuring a section devoted to Justin's amazing work!

What do Brad Pitt, football and A. Michael Baldwin have in common?

mike_bradCheck out the March 2, 1999 issue of THE STAR tabloid and find out!

On pages 6 and 7 of this issue, there is a photo spread of Brad Pitt playing football on a beach in Acapulco with some of his buddies.

Well, his buddy wearing the shades is none other than A. Michael Baldwin!

I kid you not, this is for real!

Five Fishes, Two Loaves

Bill ("Jody") Thornbury's music CD "Five Fishes, Two Loaves" is available from

Up Yonder Records at P.O. Box 8554, Fresno, CA. 93747.

The cost is $15 for the CD and $8 for cassette.

Postage is extra and you may want to write Up Yonder for their rates. (Thanks to "Phantasm Rob" Long for this item!)

20th Anniversary poster

phantasm_robs_artPhan/artist Rob Long is in the process of creating a 20th Anniversary poster commemorating the release of the original PHANTASM film.

Rob is making available for sale various handpainted elements of this upcoming poster.

See the accompanying ad for additional information about these one of a kind collectibles.

The Passing of Fredric Myrow

On Thursday, January 14th, 1999, PHANTASM music composer Fredric Myrow passed away.

Born in 1939 in Brooklyn, New York, Frederic was the composer of the music for several of the films created by Don Coscarelli, including PHANTASM, PHANTASM II, PHANTASM III (with Christopher Stone), KENNY & COMPANY, JIM - THE WORLD'S GREATEST and SURVIVAL QUEST.

He also composed the music for the sci-fi classic SOYLENT GREEN, SCARECROW and many, many others.

THE SENTINEL passes along its most sincere condolences to Frederic's family and associates.

Movie Time - John Bishop

I wish to thank John Bishop of Westchester, Pennsylvania for the radio interview he conducted with me on his "Movie Time" talk show Saturday, October 24th 1998.

I had a great time discussing with John and his associates THE SENTINEL, the PHANTASM films and horror films in general.

I hope the phans in the Pittsburgh area had the opportunity to listen to the interview and I would appreciate any feedback!

AIssue #178 of Fangoria magazine

Many thanks to Angus Scrimm for the kind mention about me in his PHANTASM journal published in Issue #178 of Fangoria magazine.

That was a real thrill for me! You're the best, Angus!!!

Horrors! 365 Scary Stories

scaryHorror writer and mega-PHANTASM phan Madison Brents has just had four of his works of short fiction published in the book "Horrors! 365 Scary Stories."

The cost of the book is $12.98 in hardback and the ISBN number is 0-7607-0141-5.

It is available through Barnes & Noble, B. Dalton, Walden and Book Stop bookstores.

Madison's four stories are titled: "Plant Kingdom," "Little Man," "Time Flies," & "The Silver and the Damage Done."

ReznHedz toy and model show

reggie1tomOn Saturday, September 12, 1998, I had the pleasure of attending the ReznHedz toy and model show in Hillside, Illinois. Accompanying me was my good friend (and SENTINEL #3 cover artist) Jimmy Blondet. The primary reason I went to this event was to have the opportunity to meet Reggie Bannister, who needs no introduction to PHANTASM phans.

Reggie was, unquestionably, one of the kindest and most down-to-earth individuals I have ever met in the entertainment industry. Throughout the day, apparently without even taking a break, Reggie graciously signed autographs and amiably chatted with the phans about the PHANTASM films and his career.

Reggie was even kind enough to set aside some time at the end of his busy day to be interviewed for Issue #9 of THE SENTINEL (March 1999). This will be an issue you won't want to miss!

Even if Reggie weren't present, the ReznHedz show would have been an outstanding convention in its own right. There were plenty of great dealers and other special guests included makeup effects maestro/actor/director Tom (DAWN OF THE DEAD, FROM DUSK 'TIL DAWN) Savini, the wonderful Mr. Forrest J. Ackerman, the charming and funny former adult film star Ginger Lynn Allen (who was able to accomplish the difficult task of actually making me blush!) and scream queens Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer and Debbie Dutch, among others.

It was also a great pleasure to finally meet many of the SENTINEL phanzine/ website subscribers and contributors who have helped make what I do be as enjoyable as it is, like Jon Kitley (SENTINEL #5) and Rob Long (see the "Nightmare Gallery" section of the website).

I hope to see you guys (and everyone else) at next year's ReznHedz show!


Rob Long

artistIt was great having the opportunity to meet many of the wonderful SENTINEL subscribers and contributors.

Pictured here is Rob Long, seen holding his "Phantasm" piece featured in THE SENTINEL website's "Nightmare Gallery."

(Photo by Richard Dean)


reggie3Reggie introducing PHANTASM: OBLIVION to the ReznHeds crowd at the film's Midwest premiere screening.

(Photo by Richard Dean)

Ginger Lynn Allen

ginger_lynnThe charming Ginger Lynn Allen welcomes fans to her table.

(Photo by Richard Dean)

Glori-Ann Gilbert

glori_ann_gilbertBubbly (and beautiful) Penthouse pet Glori-Ann Gilbert.
(Photo by Richard Dean)

Reggie Bannister

reggie1Reggie Bannister fielding yet another tricky phan question.
(Photo by Richard Dean)

Reggie Bannister

reggie2During his interview with SENTINEL publisher Richard Dean, Reggie marvels at the interviewer's lack of journalistic skills (Ha ha!).
(Photo by Jimmy Blondet)

Forrest J. Ackerman

rich1Richard Dean and legendary horror fan extraordinaire/FAMOUS MONSTERS publisher Forrest J. Ackerman. What a great guy Uncle Forry is!

Thats a Wrap

rich2The interview is a wrap!
(Photo by Jimmy Blondet)

Fulci fans rejoice

maskFulci fans rejoice! Check out this way cool ZOMBIE mask! It could have been yours for the mere pittance of $185 (ouch!).

But, hey, who's that wuss next to him?
(Photo by Richard Dean)

Tom Savini

tomTruly one of the highlights of the ReznHeds show - meeting the multi-talented Tom Savini.
(Photo by Richard Dean)

Keep us Informed

Many visitors to THE SENTINEL website have e-mailed me about the PHANTASM viewing marathons/parties they are having.

A month or so ago, SENTINEL webmaster Ron Garrison, SENTINEL print coordinator Paul Mathews, SENTINEL #3 cover artist Jimmy Blondet and myself had our own little viewing party, complete with a cookout.

If you (or a friend) are participating in a special phan activity, or are going to a PHANTASM-related convention event, let us know about it and we'll let the world know about it here!