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Another phantasmagorically wonderful website

Another phantasmagorically wonderful website dedicated to a masterpiece film: PHANTASM.

Unit Publicist/Storyboard Artist (PHANTASM II), Script Consultant and Assistant to Angus Scrimm (PHANTASM III), Script Supervisor/Property Master/Wardrobe Assistant (PHANTASM: OBLIVION)

Kristen Deem
Unit Publicist/Storyboard Artist (PHANTASM II)

Keep up the Phantastic work!

Keep up the Phantastic work!

Angus Scrimm
"The Tall Man" in PHANTASM I-IV

Mag is da bomb

To everyone who hasn’t signed up for THE SENTINEL yet: Don’t be a nerd… (the) mag is da bomb!

J. T. Zaharczuk
2nd Unit Cameraman and Conceptual Artist for PHANTASM: OBLIVION

Thanks for the Phantastic energy

I enjoy and appreciate your efforts with THE SENTINEL… Thanks for the Phantastic energy.

Reggie Bannister
"Reggie" in PHANTASM I-IV

You have done a great job

You have done a great job with THE SENTINEL. All the cast have seen the newsletter and are very grateful for your support of the series.

Don Coscrelli
Writer/Director of the PHANTASM series

Richard Elkin’s web page is a killer ride and a must see

Richard Elkin’s web page is a killer ride and a must see. I can’t do the web site justice, so you’ll have to check it out for yourself. Let’s just say that his page is a perfect sister site to the official Phantasm web page. He also publishes a hard copy newsletter by the same name which covers all types of aspects of the Phantasm phenomenon. To get the full effect of the newsletter, I recommend you buy all the back issues while they are still available. In this way, you can see the evolution of the newsletter in hindsight. With each issue, it is obvious that Mr. Elkin is a true hard core fan of the films, and his enthusiasm is contagious… Plus, the price is right. Yes, I subscribe and I own all the issues published so far. Someday, they will be worth their weight in dwarves. “Dwarves?” you say. Yes, dwarves.

Madison Brents
(aka CYCLOPEAN ORM) - Horror Writer

THE SENTINEL is the best PHANTASM website

There is no reason to beat around the bush. THE SENTINEL is the best PHANTASM website out there today.

Bobby Blades
Professional Wrestler/Actor